Richard Chaim Rebeck

Richard C. Rebeck
Professional Astrologer

Hebrew Equal House System
English or Spanish
50+ years of experience

The Universe

Known throughout the US, Canada & South America, he returned in 2004 from living for several years in South America. Now living in the Philippines, he is available for consultation on a limited basis by appointment only.

Specialized in Personal, Relationship and Medical Astrology

Natal Charts - Transits - Compatibility - Fertility - Investments

Consultations:            By MP3 Files      1              hour          $150.00  (100 per addtnl hour)

                                    By phone Special events or emergencies           $100.00 per call

Payment may be made via PayPal  account of    

Necessary for any service: Date, Place and hour of birth. At least three important life events which were not controlled or planned. Sex, education, race, health and profession. When birth time is not accurately known there may be an extra charge for rectification and please include more life events. The more events I have in your life the greater the accuracy of the chart.


Richard C. Rebeck, Ph.D.
Valencia, Negros Oriental, Philippines
US Phone number connects to me by Skype (please remember I am 12 hours ahead of EDT)
239 690 6655


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